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Wlodarczyk is an 80m sensation


Double European champion Anita Wlodarczyk has ensured herself legendary status by breaking one of the few remaining major barriers in track and field - that of 80 metres for the women's hammer.

With a stunning performance at home in Cetniewo on Saturday, Poland's Wlodarczyk smashed her own world record with a sensational 81.08m.

And her success could not have been more fitting as it came at the Kamila Skolimowska Festival throwing meeting - an event dedicated to Poland's 2000 Olympic women's hammer champion who died unexpectedly in 2009 at the age of just 26.

'I was waiting for this moment so long, this is an unbelievable feeling to be the first woman to throw over 80m,' said Wlodarczyk. 'I am so happy, especially that I have done it during the competition which was dedicated to my friend Kamila.

'Today I have written history. Thanks to all who have wished me luck.'

With her amazing second round effort, she replaced the old world record mark by exactly one and a half metres, having set that distance in Berlin last year when she broke the 79.42m of Germany's Betty Heidler.

Barriers are there to be knocked down in sport and it is such a momentous day when landmarks happen such as this one.
Ukrainian pole vault legend Sergey Bubka, who has held the outdoor world record of 6.14m since 1994, was quick to hail Wlodarcyzk's achievement as he congratulated her and tweeted: '80 barrier's broken! This achievement will surely be promotive for Hammer Throw.'

The incredible aspect of her day is that in the first round, Wlodarczyk had produced a foul before returning to the cage and unleashing this monster effort.

A year ago in Zurich, Wlodarcyzk retained her European title when she won with 78.76m and her run of glory just goes on.

The first official world record for the women's hammer was Russian Olga Kuzenkova's 66.84m in 1994 and this is the fourth time Wlodarcyzk has broken it.

The first occasion was as she became world champion in Berlin in 2009 when she threw 76.96m before taking it to 78.30m a year later.

In Cetniewo, it was some series as after her foul and then her world record, Wlodarcyzk had efforts of 79.07m, 78.53m, 76.61m and 77.83m as France's Alexandra Tavernier finished second with 73.33m on this historic day.