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Watch how Pars threw his way to the top of the rankings

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Ever wondered how an athlete sees their achievements?

Now is the chance to sample exactly what goes through the mind of a runner, jumper, thrower and hurdler after Google Glass was used for the first time in a competition last Sunday.

The setting was Veszprem in Hungary where the 56th Balaton Championships took the next revolutionary step in world athletics.

A series of competitors wore the device which is a tiny computer attached to the side of thin glasses and while there is a touchpad which can give close up information such as the weather, it has a video facility to record what the person is seeing.

And in the case of Krisztian Pars, Hungary’s Olympic and European champion, it was one of the throws of the season as he launched the hammer 81.31m.

The throw is the best by a European athlete in 2014 and a re-run of the video on the Google Glass can be used to anaylse performance, in terms of exactly how the athlete is positioned when releasing - say in Pars’ case - the hammer.

Equally, it gives the viewer a chance to sample the speed a runner reaches or the height an athlete can gain in a jump.

Along with the men's and women's hammer, the Google Glass was used in Veszprem in a distance race, in the javelin, in the 400m hurdles, the long jump and the 3000m steeplechase.

To watch the video, click here.