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Environmental initiatives announced ahead of European Athletics Team Championships

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There are 118 days to go until the European Athletics Team Championships Super League takes place in Bydgoszcz, Poland from 9-11 August and the Local Organising Committee has been proactive in promoting the event locally and nationally as well supporting environmental initiatives related to the event.

These activities were expanded upon in detail at a press conference in Bydgoszcz which was attended by a number of dignitaries including reigning European indoor pole vault champion and event ambassador Pawel Wojciechowski who hopes to be included on the Polish team sheet this August.

“Of course it’s an amazing feeling to compete in front of my local fans in my hometown. In August I will have to be the best pole vaulter in the country to ensure my participation in.

“For now, I can guarantee you that I will be present at the Zawisza Stadium, if not on the infield, I will be in the stands. However, I will do everything to appear as the best pole vaulter in Poland,” said Wojciechowski, who will also be helping to clean one of the city’s nearby forests as part of the event’s ecological programme.

The Local Organising Committee has promoted the event nationally at the Polish Indoor Championships and the Copernicus Cup in Torun where the official mascot Brysio has made appearances and the organisers will also be staging a 10km fun run in Bydgoszcz to mark the 100 days to go countdown until the championships.


The championships are also being used as a vehicle to promote active lifestyles among children and retired pole vaulter Monika Pyrek is organising a sports camp on 16 May aimed to show how sport can make a positive impact in terms of social development and health.

The organisers are also working closely with local ecological agency ‘ProNatura’ in order to encourage waste to be disposed of properly at the venue, thus reducing the environment impact of the event.

“There is no greener discipline than athletics. Through the cooperation we can achieve mutual benefits. During the competition the special ‘Ecobus’ will be at the venue and all people can enter to watch how segregate waste properly.” – said Piotr Kurek, a spokesman for “ProNatura.”

The Bydgoszcz City Council has also approved the application for free public transportation during the event for ticket and pass holders, thus ensuring that fans, officials and media alike will be able to reach the Zawisza Stadium free of charge via tram or bus.