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New European Athletics Council meets for the first time

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The first meeting of the newly-elected European Athletics Council took place in Prague on Sunday morning, the day after elections at the 2019 Congress, with orientation for the seven new members and several key appointments on the agenda.

Dobromir Karamarinov was re-appointed as First Vice President following his four years in that position from 2015-19.

In addition to the European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen and the three Vice Presidents – Karamarinov, Cherry Alexander and Libor Varhanik – Council Members Frank Hensel and Karin Grute Movin were appointed to the Executive Board.

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Alexander, following on from having held leading positions in the Local Organising Committees for 12 major athletics events held in Great Britain since 1991, was appointed as the Chair of the Events & Competition Commission for 2019-23.

Hensel was appointed as the head of the Member Federation Development Commission for the same period.

Members of both Commissions, and other existing Commissions, can be seen here.