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    Mondo presents its Air Cell Technology track surface

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    Do you know that one secret of Mondo track is Air Cell Technology? Drawing on the latest technology to create the perfect surface for athletes, European Athletics’ Green Inspiration partner and Official Supplier Mondo has made their Mondo tracks even faster.

    Mondo served as an Official Supplier for the recent sell-out Glasgow 2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships. They will also provide the track and flooring for the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships which will benefit from Mondo’s latest innovations in track technology.

    The Air Cell Technology track surface will see the track’s bottom layer incorporating air-filled cavities which compress as the athlete’s foot impacts the surface, absorbing impact force and vibrations, and converting the maximum amount of kinetic energy into stored energy.

    As the athlete’s foot leaves the surface, the compressed air causes the cells to spring back to their original shape, acting like bowstrings and projecting the athlete up and forward.

    Other standout specifications include the non-directional tessellation which enhances slip resistance and the embossed solid rubber top layer allows for optimal elasticity, grip and efficient drainage. Click here for more details.

    Mondo products gained further recognition last month when all of their track products received the industry respected Greenguard Gold certification, guaranteeing users that all tracks - indoors and outdoors - have passed a rigorous and comprehensive set of safety and environmental measures.

    Mondo obtained a Gold certification for their low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can pollute the air and environment.