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European Championships gets special Mickey Mouse magazine cover story

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The bi-weekly Mickey Mouse magazine will dedicate a ten-page cover story about the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships in its next issue, which will be available in Germany from 27 July with an English-language version being available from the start of the Championships on 7 August.

The story takes place in Duckburg, and several well-known athletes are ‘duckified’ including Germany’s Robert Harting, Norway’s Karsten Warholm and Denmark’s Sara Slott Petersen as well as Sweden’s 2002 and 2006 European heptathlon champion Carolina Kluft.

The story revolves around the fact that the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships are taking place and a businessman like Scrooge McDuck must not miss this opportunity.

His home town of Duckburg can send a competitor to take part in the Berlin 2018 decathlon and McDuck sees it as the perfect moment to promote his new sports collection… and who should be chosen to compete in Berlin, of course, his nephew Donald.

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Fortunately, four of the greatest current and former stars of European Athletics see Donald training and take pity on him for his lack of talent but can the four really turn him into a champion? All will be revealed in the magazine.

'Donald has a lot of potential and is very talented, but joking aside, the idea with the Mickey Mouse magazine and the design of the athletes is great and extremely well done,' commented 2012 and 2014 discus gold medallist Harting.

Olympic discus champion Robert Harting is very proud of his role in the magazine: 'I would never have dreamed that I would become part of a Mickey Mouse edition. The project was really fun, the story is great, and I definitely recognise myself. Donald is a super cool character but probably more of a sprinter than a discus thrower; but at least he's already got a great winning pose.'

The special story for the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships was written by the Danish author Gorm Transgaard and ralised by the Spanish illustrator Fernando Güell, and (data from a 2017 audit) Micky Mouse magazine reaches an average of 576,000 children between the ages of six and 13 per edition.

More information on the 2018 European Championships:

- The Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships will be part of the first multisport European Championships along with co-hosts Glasgow.

- It will be a must-watch, must-attend experience that elevates the status of European Champions, uniting existing European Championships to celebrate the highest honour in European sport and celebrating the defining moments that create Champions.

- It is the continent’s ultimate multi-sport event, an 11-day celebration of European sport staged every four years.

- Seven of Europe’s leading sports (athletics, aquatics, rowing, golf, cycling, gymnastics, triathlon) will be brought together for the first edition.

- The European Athletics Championships in Berlin will be staged 7-12 August. The six other sports will be staged in Glasgow through 2-12 August.

- 4500 athletes and 52 nations will compete across the seven sports.

- Potential TV audience of over one billion with millions more across multiple digital platforms.