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Cyprus participates in Focus Federation Programme

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The Amateur Athletic Association of Cyprus has become the fifth European Athletics Member Federation to take part in European Athletics’ Focus Federation Programme.

The initiative was successfully launched in April 2017 with the principal purpose of fostering greater communication and transparency between Member Federations and European Athletics.

The delegation from the Amateur Athletic Association of Cyprus which travelled to Lausanne from 13-15 October was helmed by President Pericles Markaris and also included General Secretary Kyriakos Michael, Director Antonis Georgallides and administrative officer Katia Evangelou.

Two Member Federations who do not have any representation on the European Athletics Council are invited to the House of European Athletics in Lausanne each year for an extensive programme of meetings and workshops. This provides the participating federations with a thorough orientation and a greater knowledge of European Athletics operations and activities across areas, including communications, marketing, anti-doping, development, running and events.

Belarus and Lithuania were the first two Member Federations to enrol in the Focus Federation Programme followed by Latvia last autumn and Croatia and Cyprus this year. Delegates from Croatia and Cyprus will also present to the European Athletics Council in Istanbul, Turkey on 12-14 November as the second and final part of the Focus Federation Programme.