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    City shot put contest at German Nationals

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    During the German National Athletics Championships in Ulm from 25-27 July, the shot put event will be one of the most exciting attractions as it takes place in the heart of the city on the opening day of competition.

    This is the first time an event will be taking place outside of a stadium in the history of the German Championships.

    This new concept has already convinced German throwing star David Storl: 'In the stadium shot putters are often given a secondary role and television often chooses to give priority to the running events.

    'Competitions like this year in Ulm, I think, will be more attractive than in a stadium.'

    As a result Storl has declared the national championships as one of his most important competitions of the year, in addition to the European Athletics Team Championships in Braunschweig and the European Athletics Championships in Zurich. 

    'My goal is to win all three competitions, and also manage to step over 22m in the summer.'

    Although Storl has won multiple medals at major championships, he has yet to clear the 22m barrier.

    The atmosphere around the Ulm cathedral square is expected to be overwhelming with free entrance for up to 2,000 spectators inside the uncovered arena, which could help produce strong results.

    Ulm Mayor Ivo Patrons said, “I expect the event to be a great success; we are trying to advertise a different side of athletics and bring it closer to the people.