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European Athletics Integrity                                         Platform

European Athletics Integrity Platform


European Athletics Integrity Platform

Good Governance has become a key topic for all sports organisations to consider and address in recent years, and European Athletics has not been an exception.

Despite the solid grounds in which governance is already established in our organisation, European Athletics is constantly seeking improvements to the way it operates and performs in this area.

Consequently, European Athletics has created two important tools to enhance and expand its Good Governance practices:

  • The EAA Code of Ethics
  • The European Athletics Integrity Platform

The background to creating these new tools can be traced back two years. In October 2015, the European Athletics Extraordinary Congress had already approved the creation of an EAA Court as an independent body to hear and resolve disputes and breaches to our Constitution and also to act as an Ethics Commission. This was an important step in strengthening our Good Governance practices.

Subsequently, with the revision of the IAAF Constitution in November 2016, our sport’s world governing body has created an Integrity Code of Conduct and an Integrity Unit to fit its role and new approach to Governance.

European Athletics had already adopted the previous IAAF Code of Ethics but felt there was a need to create our own code – the EAA Code of Ethics – which would have direct relevance to our organisation (see Related Documents).

In parallel with the creation of the EAA Code of Ethics, European Athletics has developed a portal – the European Athletics Integrity Platform – that will allow for anyone to report potential or suspected breaches of the EAA Code of Ethics.

People with evidence, or even just concerns, of integrity and good governance shortfalls – whether it relates to an individual athlete, coach, official or an institution – can now report these failings, and can do so anonymously with the assurance that they will be examined and investigated by independent legal experts.

The European Athletics Integrity Platform is highly secure and will run independently from the European Athletics website.

It allows anonymous reports but still enables exchanges with the reporter, if needed, through an incident number and a password created, and only known by, the same reporter.

European Athletics staff and officials will have no access to the report submitted and it will be handled by an independent Case Manager, who will further investigate and take the appropriate action which could mean filing the case with the EAA Court, which will perform its tasks in its dual role as the Ethics Commission.

The European Athletics Integrity Platform can be accessed through the following link:

On the platform’s main page you can find all the instructions and FAQs to assist in its use.

The European Athletics Integrity Platform and the EAA Code of Ethics are closely linked, considering that the EAA Code of Ethics is the legal basis on which the platform operates. However, this has required amending the existing EAA Court Procedural Rules accordingly. (The revised version of these Rules are available as Related Documents).

We believe these initiatives show a strong commitment from European Athletics to act as a responsible and forward-thinking organisation in the field of Good Governance and we are encouraging our Member Federations to promote the existence of the platform as widely as possible as well as suggesting that they provide a link to it on their own website.

Athletics is fundamentally about fair play and clean competition and European Athletics has been a leader within our sport at introducing governance reforms – Good Governance is critically important in restoring public faith in our sport which has been shaken badly in recent years –.and this online platform is an extension of our ongoing work in this area.