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    Cinfaes 2021 European Mountain Running Championships cancelled

    The European Mountain Running Championships which were due to take place in Cinfaes, Portugal on 3 July have regrettably been cancelled.

    The decision to cancel the event was taken jointly by the Municipality of Cinfaes, the Cinfaes 2021 Local Organising Committee (LOC), the Portuguese Athletics Federation and European Athletics.

    The levels of coronavirus cases in the region still do not allow for the safe organising and staging of the event and the Municipality of Cinfaes has also cancelled all cultural and sporting events in the region throughout June and July.

    “For these reasons and for the need to allocate resources to fight the pandemic, for the need to allocate resources to the economic recovery of the region, we believe the conditions to carry out the competition with the required quality parameters, the desired impact and the desired results are not met,” said the LOC in a joint declaration from the Municipality of Cinfaes President Armando Silva Mourisco and Portuguese Athletics Federation Jorge Vieira.

    European Athletics would like to thank all parties, including the Cinfaes 2021 Local Organising Committee, for their hard work in trying to stage the event in exceptionally difficult and challenging circumstances.

    3 JULY